My ThreeDee library – First encounter

Here is the first example of my 3d library. Its development is in very early phase. There are features to add, methods to implement but it look promissing.

Here is a list of basic features:


  • Import from ms3d file
  • Supports static and animated(with skeleton) meshes
  • Triangle grouping for faster sort(concave, convex, or both)


  • All native filters can be applied
  • Extendable material interface
  • Currently implemented materials:
    • Wireframe
    • Solid( Color as diffuse source )
    • Textured ( Bitmap as diffuse source )
    • Bumpmapped and Solid( with object space normal maps)
    • Bumpmapped and Textured( with object space normal maps)


  • Import animation from ms3d files
  • Plays all or a part of animation sequence
  • Animation speed can be scaled


  • Only directional light supported for now


  • Bitmap caching